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Les Livreurs Lecteurs sonores

Who are we?

Les Livreurs, Lecteurs Sonores: French literature lovers raising the volume on books by reading aloud. With our literary events featuring reading performances of French novels and short stories in English translation, your ears are sure to discover a host of hidden delights.

Reading French authors aloud in English allows for their work to be heard by greatly diverse audiences. Passionate about sharing literature through vocal transmission, we have cultivated the art of using one’s voice to perform a novel, short story, poem or correspondence… True soloists, our readers choose “pieces of literature” that they proceed to rehearse with a focus placed on the sound produced. The final performance gives resonance to all the nuances of meaning and rhythm contained within the chosen text so as to present listeners with the most accurate reading possible.
Before uttering a single word, our readers must work out how to incorporate a whole universe and atmosphere as well as a variety of feelings and characters into their performance. It is then over to you the listener to conjure up your own images in your mind as the text unfolds before your ears.

To find out more about us:
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Letter from the president
Letter from the writter Denis Grozdanovitch

In 2010, we received the RATP Foundation Award in recognition of our Reading Aloud Award created for secondary school children. The prize was awarded to the best of the 250 projects that had been supported by the RATP Business Foundation over the course of fifteen years, as voted for by RATP employees.

To discover the reading performances we have on offer, why not consult our Ready-To-Read Section? Or maybe you would like to read major works of French literature in public, or benefit from our public speaking training programmes designed for those wishing to enter into the French professional world? For all other queries, feel free to contact us.

Audio Extracts

Guy de MAUPASSANT, The Sign

Denis DIDEROT, Jacques the Fatalist