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Les Livreurs Lecteurs sonores

Solo Theatre

Better to go it alone than be badly accompanied

“Solo Theatre” is a Livreurs, Lecteurs Sonores, creation. Alone on stage and with their voice as their sole ally, a performer sounds out a theatre play over the course of an hour. Scenery and props are absent – yet everything is present: emotional intensity, beautifully mastered personality traits, elegance and humour of the spoken word.

Solo Theatre allows for a wide range of French works to be adapted to the stage: alongside theatre plays we equally offer films and comic strips. The results are surprising and spectacular. This original format breathes new life into the featured texts – through the breath of a single person.

Unlike traditional actors who physically embody the characters they take on, Solo Theatre Performers disappear so as to maintain the focus on the imagery called forth by and within their voices. Audience members can then visualise the characters in question, aided both by their own imaginations and by the artist’s personal performance. Theatre goers thus play an active role in the creative process, as their ears begin to construct the show through listening to a single performer, rather than through seeing or being shown actual characters on stage.

The Solo Theatre artist directly puts across his unique version of each of the characters and character relationships of a given play. He pulls audience members into his interpretation of the chosen work, and makes them feel the presence of different characters by means of his voice alone.

Various French plays in English translation are on offer (lasting from 30 mins – 1 hour 10 mins):

  • The Test, by Marivaux
  • The School for Wives, by Molière
  • The Imaginary Invalid, by Molière
  • The Miser, by Molière
  • The Doctor Inspite Of Himself, by Molière
  • Lucrezia Borgia, by Victor Hugo
  • King Ubu, by Alfred Jarry
  • Madame’s Late Mother, by Georges Feydeau
  • No Trifling With Love, by Alfred de Musset

Prepare to be deafeningly astonished.



Extracts (currently in French) on Soundcloud :