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Livres en Tête Festival

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Découvrez le programme du festival Livres en Tête !

The reading aloud festival “Livres en Tête” is organised by Les Livreurs, Lecteurs Sonores, alongside Paris-Sorbonne IV’s Cultural Service, in collaboration with an ever growing number of partners (see the programmes below).

The festival has been met with increasing success year on year since its conception in 2009, and several well-known names from the French music and literary scenes have already graced the event with their presence (François Busnel, Bernard Pivot, Daniel Pennac, Éric Naulleau, Nathalie Dessay, Raphaël Enthoven etc.).

Discover the 2016 program

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For more information concerning the Livres en Tête Festival, you can take a look at our full range of programmes:
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