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Félix Libris

So who exactly is this reading aloud virtuoso?

For some fifteen years, Félix Libris has been THE international reading aloud superstar. He transforms his public appearances into grand moments of literary artistry – and he manages to do so in several languages, too. Idolised across the world, this polyglot reads all the great authors in their original languages. He is, if we are to believe the press and even a certain number of his early critics, one of, if not the biggest vocal reader around!
An unavoidable figure in the world of reading as a performing art, greater even than Fabrice Luchini as some rumours on the circuit would have it. Those who have never attended a Félix Libris reading could not even begin to understand all the musicality contained within literature.

Biographies of Félix Libris and Serge Varolin (his personal secretary)

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Félix the soloist: Marivaux’s The Test

Alone on stage and with his voice as his sole ally, Félix Libris brilliantly excels in taking on Marivaux’s The Test. Scenery and props are absent, and yet everything is present: emotional intensity, beautifully mastered personality traits, elegance and humour of the spoken word. The characters – Lucidor, Frontin, Madame Argante, Angélique, Lisette, Maître Blaise – emerge one by one throughout the course of this non-stop, impassioned and well-balanced show. Prepare to be deafeningly astonished.

Dossier sur L'Épreuve de Marivaux

Félix Libris’ Master Classes

Félix Libris, the international reading aloud superstar, is back for a fourth time running with his new series of Master Classes, a set of exceptional seminars based on some of the greatest world-wide must-reads. He reveals the secrets of his legendary performances that have revolutionised the Art of reading out loud. Enchanted, you will discover the magic tricks he has at his disposal when looking to gain the most sensitive performances possible of literature’s finest texts – as well as the links between their meaning and sound. Félix Libris may be he who is, literally, ‘happy through books’ – but he is equally the bringer of happiness through books; the sound of his name thus bearing a message of hope to listeners, assured that they, too, will be made félix libris.

Félix Libris' Master Classes

Félix Libris' Shows

Felix Libris, Les Débuts Félix Libris, La Gloire

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Our other literary events also include Lessons In Speaking Literature and the Bal à la Page (Ball On The Books).