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OUR BALLS, literary events

Le Bal à la Page (Ball On The Books, for adults) and La Boum à la Page (Party on the Pages, 8+) are evenings devoted to dance, set to the rhythm of the beats of public readings.
If you like to dance or if you like to read French novels – and better yet, if you like to dance and read – you are in for a real treat.

BAL À LA PAGE (Ball On The Books)

« For those who are reluctant to delve into books, for whom reading is uncool, too much of a chore, and so on and so forth, pay heed: there’s a very good chance you’ll catch the virus. The Bal à la Page is a trap of an event. You’re seduced by dancing and ensnared by the sound of brilliant books.

Sit at an author’s table. Listen to a text and some pages taken from his latest book. Raise a glass with him in the name of literature’s good health. Find some Dutch courage and invite him to a frenzied rock concert. Such an opportunity really cannot be turned down. Before the clock chimes twelve, the electricity fairy transforms the theatre hall into a dance floor (bright lights set the mood), and into a ballroom of reading performances (time to dim the lighting).

At 7pm, the doors open to the sound of music, with a little dance lesson to get those legs working and crack in novices. You can try out java, rock, the rumba or disco dancing, according to your desires. Be ready for an hour of vertical exuberance. After which, a quick scenery change; a bit of a breather before the music returns. And at that moment, all danced out and reduced to silence, everyone is all ears as the voices of Les Livreurs take over.

Ever excited by their passion for reading aloud, their aim is to share the pleasures of reading with us. A team of public readers favouring noise over silence, they invite the writers they love, introduce us to them; and, in between two rounds on the dancefloor, make sure that the evening does not stray too far from reading. With a good understanding of the texts, good diction, just what is necessary in terms of effects to sound out a reading performance and have the texts on the tips of their tongues, a good set of lungs to keep them at a distance, and a good dose of emotion, humour, suspense and sensuality (as the evening develops), their reading aloud programme is more than attractive. »

Le Bal à la Page in photos

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BOUM À LA PAGE (Party On The Pages)

La Boum à la Page (8+) takes place in the afternoon (lasting from 2 hours – 2 hours 30 mins). It is a family event allowing children and parents to get into the groove (games based around dance put on by a professional dancer) and then listen to literature (children’s literature read by Les Livreurs). It provides a good way for children to enter into the world of reading, based on the idea that reading books from the earliest age possible is a source of enrichment.

And, parents and children alike, if you wish to participate in our reading workshops, do not hesitate to contact us.

La Boum à la Page in photos

Technical Specifications Sheet

The two events can be organised for your audience as requested, featuring a variety of themes grouping together French authors in English translation (love stories, crime fiction, comedy…). Quotation upon request.